Ground Support Equipment & Tooling

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and Tooling equipment are critical elements that are necessary to support the operations of the aircraft on the ground. From manufacturing and maintenance requirements to other ground based operations, specially designed tools are what enable us to build aircraft and then keep them from remaining parked on the ground.

Ground Support Equipment and Tooling comprise of a diverse range of products. They are designed in various forms and specific to unique application. The use of inappropriate tools may contribute to aircraft or component failures, difficulties in maintenance operations, challenges with ground operations, create unnecessary costs, and even lead to personnel injuries.

With our partner company, Terratech Design, Elisen offers a wide range of customized GSE and Tooling products for the support of a series of aircraft types. Developed using a combination of robust design processes with state-of-the-art design software and computational tools, our GSE and Tooling experts can support your requirements and deliver a superior product at low-cost that fulfills its functions, meets health and safety regulations, is easy to use, and that conforms to the aircraft technical specifications.

Elisen can provide complete equipment services and solutions to suit your needs:

  • Outsourced design only
  • On-site Design experts support
  • Complete turnkey design, build, and installation service




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