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Engineering solutions

Providing quality professional

engineering solutions to the aerospace industry.

Providing quality professional

engineering solutions to the aerospace industry.

Welcome to Elisen & associés Inc.

Elisen is a leading provider of engineering and certification services to the aerospace industry. Our drive for creating and sustaining innovation combined with our global expertise of leading aerospace professionals allow us to offer a wide range of engineering solutions. Read more

Engineering Solutions

Elisen provides engineering services to the aerospace industry with core expertise in the area of Structural Design and Systems Installations. readmore

Certification Services

Elisen provides certification services to various aircraft manufacturers and Operators. Having a close relationship with major OEMs, and participating in original... readmore

Supplemental Type Certification (STC)

Elisen designs and develops product enhancements to address the evolving needs of aircraft owners and operators. All of these enhancements...readmore

GSE & Tooling

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and Tooling equipment are critical elements that are necessary to support the operations of the aircraft on the ground...readmore

Product Development

Elisen is dedicated to servicing the Aerospace industry and has built a reputation for working with clients to solve complex project problems with a commitment to safety...readmore

Aircraft Conversions

Operators of aerospace vehicles turn to Elisen for their aircraft modification needs because our value lies in our effective, innovative and tailored solutions that meet...readmore


At Elisen, we are engineering at work. Whether you seek work in product development, aircraft VIP conversions
or on new OEM development programs, Elisen is the right place for you. Apply now online!readmore